Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Fred Nile and Sheikh Taj

Media Release - sent out this week

Fred Nile’s call for a halt to immigration of Muslims directly contributes to the sense of isolation experienced by Muslim communities, Silma Ihram, Australia Democrats candidate for Auburn said today.

“It is a flagrant attempt to stir up the Muslim community and attract the One Nation vote. Such a call is designed to appeal to the worst elements of our society by appealing to the racist and bigoted members of the community. The divisiveness of singling out the adherents of one religion as being unsuitable for migration is even more extreme than the White Australia Policy.” She said.

Ms Ihram was responding to calls by Fred Nile made on Sunday calling for a moratorium on Muslim immigration and included in leaflets distributed by the Christian Democratic Party.

“Fred Nile alleges that Muslims reject Aussie values of tolerance, compassion and care. Yet these are the same values that Rev Nile himself refuses to demonstrate towards the Muslim community,” she said. “Sheikh Taj’s call for a Muslim party is likely to be almost as divisive. The spectacle of Rev Nile and Sheik Taj engaging in religious politicking within Parliament would be the average Australian’s nightmare.”

Ms Ihram pointed out that there are many instances of prominent Christians, Muslims and Jews who are willing to discuss their similarities, their differences and the way forward to a harmonious society. The Affinity event titled “Isolation or Integration” held in Parramatta last night, was just another example of practical, progressive activities which help to break down the barriers between us.

The Rev. Fred Nile was noticeably absent. Fred Nile’s call for banning Muslim migration can only lead to more angst and frustration for the tens of thousands of hard working, ethical Muslim migrants who are contributing substantially to Australia’s economy and lifestyle.

“Some good Christian values that are consistently demonstrated by other leaders of the church should be brought into Parliament by Rev Nile’s party, and Muslims should demonstrate their commitment to Australia by joining mainstream parties and working for the whole community not a narrow representative body such as a Muslim political party,” Ms Ihram said.

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