Friday, November 30, 2007

Check your chocolate!!

We all love our chocolate, but are often not aware of what is entailed in getting it to us. A little thought at this time of year for the children who suffer in the process would be a great Xmas present for many little children.
For more information on the horrendous activities of chocolate farmers and the slave trade of small children, go to, check the chocolate guide at and buy only chocolate that is traffic free.
Enjoy your chocolate with a clear conscience!

Libs apologise for racist pamphlet

Seeing the Liberal Party eat humble pie with the Muslim community is something I did not think would happen in my lifetime! Barry O'Farrell has apparently visited the Lakemba mosque to apologise for the actions of his political colleagues in their "Chaser-style prank" printing defamatory pamphlets on behalf of a fictitious Muslim organisation.
They should also begin a 'sorry' campaign to:
* refugees
* asylum seekers
* Villawood detainees
* Siev X relatives
* children overboard families
* Muslim schools (who were targetted for what 'values' they were teaching)
* hijabis
* the people of Iraq
* the people of Afghanistan
... I could be here for a while!