Friday, April 13, 2007

Post Elections and Hilali

Well, the elections are now over and unfortunately the task in reviving and envigorating the Democrats is even greater than before. Dr. Arthur Chesterfield Evans is no longer in the Upper House and there is therefore no political presence for the Democrats in the NSW Parliament. Although obtaining 10% of the votes in the booths in Auburn where myself and my close supporters stood, I was unable to dislodge Barbara Perry who is now sitting on the Front Bench to replace the disgraced Mr. Gibson.
Local issues in Auburn will continue to be a great interest to me. I have posted the picture of tree root damage which is affecting a local resident, cracking her house and reaching into her neighbour's house. The Local Council has apparently not addressed the issue, neither has Ms. Perry. I will be continuing to follow this issue as it is probably the tip of the iceberg in relation to trees, tree damage and responsible environmental care of Auburn.
At the moment our wonderful Sheikh Taj Al Hilaly is dominating the airwaves, and reactionary newsmedia once again, giving cartoonists plenty to draw, and Islamophobites plenty to froth at the mouth about. Unfortunately he should be stood down, but the community does not want to be 'told what to do' and so therefore will drag their feet in responding to his ridiculous and insensitive comments. I would LOVE to be at the forefront of responding to his comments and leading a series of positive reactionary comments to his outlandish statements, except that I am in the process of conducting research which is related to his issues and could railroad most of my interviews! (Good timing).
Still, behind the scenes there is much work to be done and there is a growing political will to make a change for the better - Insha Allah.