Thursday, March 15, 2007

Channel 9 - Democrat candidate interview

Today I was on the Channel 9 The Catch Up show. It was a lot of fun -
here is the interview
Unfortunately they edited out why I am a Demcrats candidate and why I support the Democrats. So here is the explanation:
Don Chipp set up the party to 'keep the bastards (sic) honest'. The Democrats have worked hard using their balance of power in the past to ensure that good policies are carried through and government is held accountable. The Democrats have excellent policies on health, the environment, support of the migrant community, ethical investments, reducing poverty and so on. In the Upper House, Arthur Chesterfield-Evans has valiantly continued to represent these policies against a factionalised Labor Party and a Liberal party beholden to the top end of town. Not only do I support their policies but to lose the Democrats from Parliament would be a tragedy. I hope to support the party by contributing my own ideas to their policies, and generate a return to this mainstream, comprehensive and highly ethical party.

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