Thursday, September 10, 2009

Encounter with a Squirrel

Wednesday morning headed back to Russell Square to Skype my daughter while sitting in the park. No one seemed particularly surprised at a middle aged lady with headphones talking and laughing to her laptop -
at least until it crashed, there being no available power points located at a park bench.
I caught my friendly little squirrel there, scurrying among the leaves and stopping occasionally to check me out. The park is lovely although the Caribbean gentleman who joined me on the bench and spoke at length, loudly, on his mobile phone slightly spoiled it. The squirrel didn't think much of it either and disappeared.
I had already picked up pastries and snacks for breaking fast, but discovered a range of stalls selling Algerian, Asian, Italian and various other authentic delicious foods located in tents all the way down the comfortable street mall around the corner. I added to that a huge white with swirled chocolate meringue that was so light and slightly chewy, it reminded me of my Nanna's meringues from childhood.
Dashing across the crossing as I dragged my little suitcase to rush back for Iftar a slightly paunchy businessman (minus the coat) with a slightly wonky helmet was peddling furiously what looked like a kids bike with vertical handbars. I wondered how he could possibly overtake buses in it. I also wondered how the ladies were managing to keep their skirts (often loose and above the knees) from flying up as they weaved between taxis and huge red busses.
Almost back at the LSE I took an interesting back street - under an arch that supported a continuation of dwellings, to discover a cobbled street with an Inn - the Blue Lion, established 1627 carved above it. If only there was a timelapse camera from that time - how much change it would have caught over 4 centuries! Rather than excite the casual drinkers outside the pub I took a picture of the comfortable dwellings farther down the cobbled lane.

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