Saturday, March 3, 2007

To Be a Democrat
As a community activist and educator I have long considered the importance of politics. A a mentor to many young people I have tried to encourage talented and capable community members to enter politics. Politics unfortunately has a very low reputation - more the realm of those who have not succeeded in other professions, avoid the really critical questions put to them, and serve selected members of the community.
Having completed many years serving the community as an educational pioneer, perhaps it is time to see if it is possible to be a genuine servant of the community in the political arena and not succumb to its reputation for ego and self-aggrandisement.
The range of political options though is not encouraging. Of the two major parties Labour appears to be rift with factions and the Liberals treat Australian citizens like garbage (David Hicks). The two remaining substantial parties are the Greens - with excellent environmental credentials and the Democrats. Now I am a thinking person and like an intellectual challenge. I also remember Don Chipps founding statement that he established the Australian Democrat Party "to keep the bastards honest".
Well, here goes - please keep honestly critical and as a candidate for Auburn, Sydney, I will try and listen and do my best. My focus will be on the family, education, youth, health, welfare, the disadvantaged, and of course, the Muslim community.
Let's see what it is like to join the democratic system as a Democrat! (keep you posted!)

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Laith said...

Dear Sister Salmah,
It was a pleasure to get to meet you today after the rally at the park.

I find your decision to enter into politics quite right and needed and I'd like to support you in your efforts.

However, I have few questions that I hope you can address:

1- From this first post on your blog, you briefly mention why you decided to join the Democrats seems more like 'that's the best I could find' and 'let's see how it goes'.

Would you be able to provide more details on why you chose the Democrats over the Greens or over running as an Independant?

2- As a Democrat candidate, how are you planning to tackle some of the party's policies that can be in conflict with your personal principles and the gaols that you are trying to achieve?